Your food truck is not just a job.

Your food truck is your passion.

Food is

You love cooking great food and taking care of your customers.

But the business side of running a top notch food operation can be a hassle. And it takes time away from what you do best.

Trucks & Mortar can help.

Relax. It’s just social media.

With Trucks & Mortar, your social media is on auto-pilot. Your Facebook page and website always have your latest schedule. And Twitter is constantly updated with your latest location and events!

All without lifting a finger!

Reach out and touch someone.

Need a mobile app for your restaurant or food truck with mobile ordering?

Trucks & Mortar has your back!

Branded with your colors and logo, Trucks & Mortar’s mobile app allow you to “push notify” your customers with daily deals, specials or last minute schedule/location changes with just a few taps.

Introducing the most social Point of Sale on the planet.

We know food people are always busy. Thats why we baked “social” right into our Point of Sale.

Got something special to share with the world? With Trucks & Mortar, you can update your social media with just a few taps.

Don’t take our word for it!
Watch this video and see for yourself.

Update Facebook and Twitter in 4 taps
See how easy to use Trcked Point of Sale is.

Seriously. What the hell is “PCI DSS”?

At Trucks & Mortar, we know you don’t have time for frustrating technology that makes you jump through hoops just to get things done.

That is why our team focused on making the most powerful and easy to use Point of Sale in the industry.

This video shows how easy it is to enter a sale in the POS.

Frank knows where it’s at.

We created a demo app for a fictitious food truck called Franks Dog Truck. Download the app from the app store and see what we can do for your business.

  • Android Link to Franks Dog Truck
  • Apple App Store link to Franks Dog Truck