Point of Sale

We’ll give you access to an iPad Point Of Sale App for each food truck in your organization. You can be up and running in 24 hours. Just add trucks and menu’s as your business grows.

Automatic Location/Status Reporting
When you open your food truck for business we’ll automatically post your exact location and your status to your social media accounts and your mobile app. Your customers will be reminded of your great food and will know exactly where to find you.

Menu Management
You can have as many (or as few) menus as you like to support the needs of your customers. Create special menus for private events or for specific locations and times. We’ll make sure that the menus are always synchronized between your POS and Mobile Apps

Out of Stock
If you run out a hot selling item, one click will temporarily remove that item from your trucks menu and mobile app. Once replenished, one click will get you back in business.

Best Credit Card Rates
We’ll give you the best credit card rates available in the market so that you can keep more of your hard earned money. We’ll also make sure we get you your money in less than 48 hours.

Modifiers & Portion Options
It is a fact, customers love to customize! The Trcked POS Menu can handle the most complex menu and make it look simple. Add as many modifiers and options as you like to keep your customers happy.

Facebook & Twitter on Autopilot
Remembering to post updates to customers can be a chore, so we simplify things by automating social media posts for routine things like schedule changes and truck opening. We also provide a one click prompt option to post things like new menu items, private events, new locations etc.